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We compiled all the robot vacuum reviews on the internet and thoughtfully designed this questionaire to help
you easily and accurately find the BEST ROBOT VACUUM FOR YOUR NEEDS.

It takes 3-5 minutes and we will recommend the best, second best, and third best vacuum based on your answers. Free, no email required, and we have no connection to any of the sellers.

Check out our research conclusions below for an executive summary 🙂

We compared 24+ of the best selling most popular robot vacuums

analyzing 18 dimensions ranging from emptying the dustbin to customer service

compiled from the 13 most popular 2017 vacuum product review blogs/websites/Youtube videos

and reading over 700 product reviews on Amazon…

We are now vacuum experts and can unequivocally declare – there is NO SUCH one ‘best robot vacuum’!

The truth is buying an automated vacuum is as complex as purchasing a vehicle!

So we spent a few months carefully crafting this 4 minute questionaire to streamline the purchasing process for the 24+ products below.

Functional Low Cost Models ($150-249)

Best Value Models ($250-399)

Best Value with Added Features and Reliability ($400-599)

High Performance Top of the Line Models ($600-999)

Note: 8 other vacuums are included in the evaluation table including iClebo Arte, Bissel 1974, Samsung R7070, and Roomba 880, and Bobi standard, but these models are very rarely competitive. We have included iClebo as it has excellent Amazon ratings, but be cautious when considering this purchase as some suspect fabricated Amazon reviews were at play.

If you have started the endless loop of research,

there’s a good chance you are very confused, frustrated, and maybe even dizzy.

The top 6 product review sites list 12 different models as the ‘best robot vacuum’. TWELVE! 
See chart our below.

Not even Amazon can produce a clear market leader. Nearly every model has dozens of one and two star reviews.

The most expensive models ($600 and up) are outperformed by the cheapest models ($250 and below) in multiple key performance metrics.

Here’s what the experts are saying the best robot vacuums are:


Roomba 650, Eufy Robovac 11, Roomba 980, Botvac D80, ILife A4


Ecovac Deebot N79


Neato Botvac Connected, Roomba 880, Dyson 360 eye


Botvac D80, Roomba 980, Eufy Robovac 11


Samsung POWERbot, Roomba 880, iClebo Arte


Roomba 650, ILife A4, Bobsweep Pet


Our mission:

To perfectly match ONE vacuum to ONE customer based on a deeper understanding of YOUR NEEDS, ultimately saving you dozens of hours of misleading research, 100’s of dollars in overspending, and the headache of having to return an underperforming product.

It’s free, we don’t require an email, and we do not have any connection to these sellers.
We do earn a small fee from Amazon at NO COST TO YOU.

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Each of these questions helps us precisely narrow down the best vacuum for your needs.

Sorry it's not shorter, but this will ultimately save you hours of research!

Please answer all 19 questions as accurately as possible for best results.


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